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Daily Brushing, Combing or Grooming of you dogs and cats


*Brushing Dogs & Cats each and every day is part of that bonding process.

*If needed, attach your Dog to its leash, take for a brisk 15 minute walk. When you get home leave leash attached and attach to something heavy. Shorten leash so that Dog or Cat has about a foot of leash. This will keep Dog or Cat where you want them. 

*Start at a paw and brush down towards nails.

*Slowly go up the leg ensuring all tangles/matts are out.

*Proceed to next (2nd) leg.

*Proceed to tail, again starting at tip and working way up to base slowly.

*Proceed to next (3rd) leg.

*Proceed to next (4th) leg.

*Now start at base of tail and work towards head. Slowly getting all tangles/matts out.

*Now start at tip of ears and work up the ear to head.

*Now start at chin and work up to eyes.

*Now brush neck and head area.

*Now go over Dog or Cat with the conb to ensure all tangles/matts are gone.

*Soon your Dog or Cat will get excited being Brushed/Combed/Groomed.

 Brushing/combing/grooming your Dog or Cat bond, but it helps move oils from the skin surface to the hair follicles, it reduces dander in the air, shedding on the floor, and your Dog or Cat get used to being handled by you and others, like the Pet Groomer.

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