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Have Fleas

If your Dog or Cat has fleas …

*Take Dog or Cat to your groomer. (Dog or Cat may itch after bath, due to pest bites. Pat may have a skin irritation, due to pest bites. Ask vet if your Dog or Cat can have Benedryl)

*Turn all furniture to allow for fog or spray access.

*Wash all Dog or Cat bedding in warm water and detergent soap.

*Fog or spray your house, yard and vehicle.

*Wait at least 4 hours to open house, then wait at least 1 hour till Dogs or Cats are allowed back inside of house. (Times vary...read directions on the package you buy)

*Give Dog or Cat an oral pill or apply a topical to for any lingering pests (I apply from base of tail to top of head. It distributes more evenly and is less likely to irritate Dog or Cat and make them shake, which sometimes removes some of the topical).

*Ask your vet about giving something for the itching (flea/tick bites itch just like a mosquito bite itches to us, I give my pet Benadryl).

*Depending on the severity of the infestation, this process may need to be repeated weekly, due to the gestation period for these parasites (repeat 4x).

*Then repeated every other week (repeat 3x).

*Then repeated every 3rd week (repeat 2x).

*Then monthly as a maintenance process.

This is only a suggestion. Each case is different.


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