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Aroma Paws Shampoos


Leaves your dog's coat soft, fluffy & unbelievably shiny!

Aroma Paws Shampoo & Conditioners are blended with Tearless, pH balanced, Bio-degradable, Eco Friendly and safe on lawns ingredients . Our all natural, CHEMICAL FREE cleansing agents will safely, gently and naturally cleanse your pets skin & coat. 




  • Any of these hypoallergenic and organic formulas can be added to your pet’s bath.


  • Each formula is designed to handle a specific issue & help return your pet to comfort.


Aloe... Cat Safe... Sensitive Skin. Chamomile Flower restores pH balance. Aloe Vera Extract relieves itching of irritated skin & soothes bug bites. Sweet Almond Oil softens skin. Green Tea Leaf Extract. antioxidant. Honey antioxidant & antimicrobial.

 Olive Oil... Cat Safe... Ultra Sensative skinOlive Oil conditions coat & helps with tangles. Aloe Leaf Extract relieves itching of sensitive skin. Chamomile Extract restores pH balance.

Coconut… Sensetive Skin. Coconut Oil a natural moisturizer. Papaya Extract conditions. Vanilla Bean Oil soothing/stress reliever. Seagrass Extract purifies skin & increases circulation. Seaweed Extract Anti-inflammatory.

Lavender… Anti-itch & Hot Spot. French Lavender Oil relaxant & skin soother. Ylang Ylang Oil softens skin & smoothes hair shaft. Eucalyptus Oil refreshes & cleans skin. Roman Chamomile helps restore pH balance.

Geranium… Moisture Rich & anti-Itch. Geranium Oil balances dry skin. Orchid Flower Extract protects skin from moisture loss. Peony Extract antioxidant. Rose Oil tones skin & reduces inflammation. Clary Sage relaxant.

Honeysuckle… Dry Skin & Dandruff. Honeysuckle Oila natural emollient. Indian Jasmine Oil mood elevator & antiseptic. Sweet Violet Oil reduces insomnia & stress. 

Tea Tree… Yeast & Bacteria Healing. Rosemary Oil beneficial for dry/flaky skin & promotes hair    re-growth. Tea Tree Oil: antimicrobial, helps heal yeast & bacterial skin infections. 

 Green Tea… Shiny Coat. Mandarin Oil rids dog’s coat of environmental build-up. Green Tea Leaf Extract antioxidant. Ginger Root improves circulation.

 Peppermint… Energizing. Eucalyptus Oil naturaly refreshes and cleans skin and coat. Peppermint Oil helps relieve itching, cools skin and helps w/flea bites.

 Vanilla Bean…Natural Coat Brightener. Vanilla Bean Oil soothing stress reliever. Pink Grapefruit astringent & coat cleaner. Rose Oil tones skin & reduces inflammation. Lemongrass Oil aids natural shine.

 Cucumber…Fluffy & Shiny Coat. Pomegranate Extract moisturizer & antioxidant. Cucumber Extract moisturizer & astringent. Lemongrass Oil aids natural shine. Peppermint Oil helps relieve itching.

 Nutmeg… Shiny Coat & Calming. Sweet Orange Oil calming & detoxifying. Honey antioxidant & antimicrobial. Nutmeg Oil natural antiseptic. Vetiver Oil calms aggression


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