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General Bath and Clip Process

After a thorough assessment of your pet from head to tail at check in, we do a quick assessment of charges incurred. (Owner will please advise staff of any special or unusual conditions as needed to ensure optimal treatment as working with these issues may require additional skill or time with your pet.) 


  • Nails cut (as animal allows)

  • Nails Dremeled (better known as filed), if requested by owner.


  • Cleaned

  • Removal of debris.

  • Removal of ear hair.

  • Solution added to help remove excess water.

  • Cotton is placed in ears to reduce noise.

  • Cotton helps collect additional water if any.

Washing of body:

  • Every Animal will be washed twice.

  • First wash is done with a basic cleaning/massage with non-scented shampoo. (In the event we find fleas on your pet, we will immediately do a (non-residual) flea shampoo at the owners expense (starts at $5) to ensure the continued health and safety of all the animals. In this case owner will be called.

  • Glands expressed externally.
  • First rinse includes a massage.

  • Second wash/massage-use of basic shampoo unless owner requests an Aroma Paws specialty shampoo (starts at $2.50).

  • Second rinse/ massage


  • Excess water removed by hand.
  • Cotton placed in ears to help lesson noise, calm pet and remove any excess water or debri.
  • Pet will be power dried, if pet permits. This process lifts the water off the skin to allow it to dry quicker. (If the cotton in the ears does help to calm animal during drying process, another way will be tried, like placing pet in a room with a fan that has no heat.)
  • Pet will be towel dried.
  • Pet will get a leave in, conditioning spray.
  • Pet will be hand dried. This process straightens curly coats and fluffs a flat one.

Quick Brushing:

  • To remove tangles from bath/dry process only


  • Bath includes... Tidy by eyes, under feet and private area.
  • Cutting hair includes (hair cut all over with a bath) with Scissor finish on edges.


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