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Very Happy!, 5/05/2015

We found Tina because she is close to home and we saw her sign from the street. We are extremely happy that we did. We have a dachshund and terrier mix, so we get him shaved short except for a few whiskers on his face. She did an excellent job. Our dog is a little skittish around new people, but he took to Tina pretty quick. I also really appreciated that she gives you a statement before the service, telling you exactly what will be done and what it will cost. She offers lot of extra services, and has all of the costs explained in a brochure. When talking to her, you can tell she really loves animals and that she will care for your pet as if it were her own. Her shop is clean and very welcoming, and she is warm and friendly, while being very professional and confident     -  luckystars56


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Hilary Neiman
Winston loves his visits to Cute Cuts and we're going to miss you when we move to Chicago!! Thank you so much for taking such good care of my boy!
Paul Svaren
I was looking for a quick hairdo for my Chinese Crested powderpuff. My regular groomer said they were too busy. I found Cute Cuts on Angie's List and gave them a call. They were able to get all 3 of my dogs in for grooming that same day! When I got there, they were very nice and accommodating. Much to my surprise, the groomer also has a Chinese Crested powderpuff, and it was the very best haircut my Tyler has ever had! The following day, Tyler went in for a dental and everyone at my vet's office started screaming when they saw him, he looked so cute! The other 2 dogs looked beautiful, as well. Their nails were neatly cut and the hair on their feet was precisely trimmed. Much more attention to detail than at my old groomer. Needless to say, I'll be using Cute Cuts from now on!
Kerri Genova
Ginger (shihTzu Mix) & BG (shihTzu Mix) look great as always! :-)
Marina Growe
I am always happy with the way Josie (a 25 pound pom mix) looks after you groom her. She never seems nervous when we come to the Cute Cuts Pet Grooming shop, just excited.
Thanks for looking after her so well when she is in your care.
Pat Zollo
Thank you for all you do - the girls (Hannah a Lhasa & Maggie a Yorkie) always come home relaxed and ready to nap!
Phyllis Mays
Thank you Tina awesome job, I appreciate you getting Belle (a yorkie) in on short notice!
Danielle McAreavey
Awesome business, these girls take great care of the furbabies! I have 2 Shih-Tzu mixes. One of which is a little particular about who touches her, but Cute Cuts Pet Grooming staff was able to get her done with no issues.
Denise Cantin
Thank you very much!!! Lilly (a poo mix) looked beautiful. I am very happy with your detailed services.
Julie Malecot
We are very pleased with Mozi and Marli’s grooming. We will be back I plan to call and schedule now so I can get all the discounts I can. It’s expensive to care for two. My biggest concern is for their safety and happiness. I was looking for a professional groomer that would be concerned with that too. Thanks for being that groomer. I will post a review tonight when I get home from work.
Thanks again,
Julie Malecot
Carole Kauffman
Just want you to know that A.j.& Isaboo (my 2 chihuahuas) looked great, beautiful job
Carole Kauffman
Joy Catain
Thank you for taking care of Nico today. I am very satisfied with my visit and Nico's grooming. You were very professional with me and very gentle and soothing with Nico.
Judy Rodriguez
Thank you Tina! I’ve told several principals at Florida Poodle Rescue about the great job you did with our Cody (our poodle). I also gave them the handout package you gave me. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some of our dogs. We are always looking for great groomers to make our little (and big) orphans look their best. We place hundreds of poodles every year. I’ll be calling to make an appointment for Cody in a couple of weeks.
Thanks again! Judy Rodriguez
Carole Collotty
Tina, everything was done very professionally. Rookie (Rook) looked like the little prince he is. I will definitely be bringing him back. I've had poodles when living in PA since 1964 and have been living in FL since 2001....I've not met a groomer who has ever done my favorite and my most fussiest part so PERFECTLY, the HEAD! And for fifty yrs + I've been to many groomers and they never got the head right! I'm also interested in one of your packages. So people, if you are looking for a very professional clean place, good prices, and great groomers/grooming, then I recommend Cute Cuts for all breeds! Tina, a special thanks for doing my other dog's nails. I never had anyone care that much or take the time needed to do it. Thank you again. Carole, Rook, and the "Scaredy Cat", Lily May
Regina Wild
My 2 dogs(I have a Shih-Tzu and a St bernard Mix) love Cute Cuts Pet Grooming. Professional and punctual. We tried a few other places but my pups always look and smell wonderful after a day at the pet Spaw.
Kerry Genova
I have always had good experiences at Cute Cuts Pet Grooming. My dog, Ginger (a Shih-Tzu), looks fluffier than when I had her groomed at other places. And she actually gets excited to go there!
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