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Cute Cuts Pet Grooming

“Where every pet is special”


Cute Cuts’ highest priority is the welfare, health and safety of your pet. We are concerned with treating your dog/cat with vigilance, kindness, patience and respect. We know you love them and consider them part of your family. Our second priority is to educate you, the dog/cat parent, on proper grooming care. Additionally, we act as a screening agent in regards to anything a veterinarian should investigate deeper about your animal.
Even though we take our business very seriously our services are provided in a friendly, laid back atmosphere. This process from start to finish typically happens within two hours. We take great care to return your dog/cat back as soon as the requested service is complete without undo stress on them. 
However, occasionally the grooming process can expose hidden medical conditions or aggravate current issues. Problems can arise during and after grooming. Your animal may become agitated if he/she is not used to being handled/groomed, or socialized.
For example, if your pet’s coat is matted/tangled, not used to being brushed/bathed, or is a puppy/senior pet, it may require additional special handling to avoid stress, trauma or injury.  Please communicate with your pet groomer anything that might cause any issues for your pet. This is very important for all parties and can avoid distress and contributes to your pets overall well being. We really mean it when we say, “Where every pet is special” and we will happily put in extra time to ensure you and your pet have the best possible experience at Cut Cuts'.
As a small business we value and serve each pet as a preferred and valued individual.  As your pet’s owner and closest companion, please make us aware of if you know of or suspect any problems, habits or dislikes your animal has. Informing us about your pet’s conditions and preferences will assists us in working with these conditions and hazards which requires additional skill, patience and time to ensure the most satisfying experience for your pet and you. We value your smiles and their wagging tails! 
The more information you give us about your pet, the better we can serve you.
Cleanest shop around.
We take great pride in making sure we are the cleanest shop around. To this end, we use a disinfectant on all hard surfaces, and wash our towels daily. Further, we use a disinfectant spray on every tool after each use. Rooms are wiped out with a disinfectant spray while dog/cat is soaking in tub. We use hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap on our hands, especially between dog/cat. We use a Flea/Tick spray daily and a fogger monthly.
Specials Offers - FROM HOMEPAGE
FREE nail cutting, good Dogs or Cats
Walk In Nail Trimming … FREE, pet permitting. 

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Meet the Pet Groomers...


Hi, I am Tina Castle. I am the founder and one of the pet groomers. I have been working with animals since 1980. I became a pet groomer in 1989.

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Hi, my name is Stephanie. I have been working with pets since 2010. I became a pet groomer in 2013 thru Academy of Animal Arts, here in Largo FL.

Also, I speak French!

About the groomers

Tina Castle is the Owner and Founder of the Cute Cuts'. She is the pet parent of two dogs and has loved animals since she was a small girl. Her mother owned a poodle and Tina admits to her fascination with how a pet would look from beginning to end. She has over twenty five years of experience and is a master of her craft.

Stephanie has been with Cute Cuts' since 2015. She is originally from Canada and has a background in Handling animals. She has Mentored under Tina, learning all of the ins and outs of her style of pet grooming. She is a valuable member of the team.

At Cute Cuts' we are like a family. We have worked with pets for most of our careers. In addition to caring for HORSES, HANDLING, TRAINING, BOARDING, GROOMING AND STUDYING ANIMAL NURTITION, we have also work with EXOTIC PETS. 
As Professional, highly trained Groomers, we are knowledgeable, experienced and operate with the highest ethical standards. However, it is important to us that we also continue to learn and listen closely to the requests of our clients. We work with you as a part of the team that keeps your Pets well being at the forfront. As true animal lovers, having loved them all of our lives, we strive to maintain our passion and always give our Pet Parents and their beloved Pets an amazing experience that will keep them smiling and their tails wagging.