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Benefits of Weekly Nail Cutting

Benefits of Weekly Nail Cutting
Dogs & Cats, just like humans, need to have their toe nails cut often. Just like our finger nails, our pets nails grow quickly. If you are hearing a clicking noise on hard surfaces when your dog or cat walks or you see the nails peeping from the toes of cats, then they are overdue for a nail cutting.
When Dogs & Cats have long nails, is like wearing a size or two smaller of a sneaker, at all times. It will make your pets feet sore, which makes the them uncomfortable and more resistant to having thier feet touched. 
Consequently, your pets will dislike having thier nails cut.
We offer FREE nail cutting & filing to make them smooth for all dogs and cats who will permit us to cut them.
Nails can be cut and filed every week. There are many benefits from bringing your Pets into Cute Cuts more often. Regarding Nails they are as follows:
It's FREE!!!!
Dog and cat is more used to the car ride.
Dog and cat is more socialized.
Dog and cat paws are less sensitive.
Dog and cat is more used to being handled.
Dog and cat is more used to nail trimmers.
Dog and cat is more used to different noises.
Dog and cat can bond more with groomer.
No clicking noise on bare floor when walking.
Nails are kept at a proper and healthy length.
Nails are smoothed out for the safety of furniture and owners.