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Drop– Off Procedure

Drop Off Procedure

We give you a drop off time when you make your appointment. It is very important to drop off on time. Most groomers are appointments based. If you know you are going to be late, please call the groomer so they can plan accordingly. Dropping off late with no notice throws the groomers schedule off, making every other appointment for the day late.

When dropping off your dog or cat for grooming, please have the animal securely on a leash or in a carrier. This is to ensure your dog or cat safety during check in. Also please make sure the dog has a chance to go potty before coming in so that no “accidents” occur. Come in as if you have always been coming here and like you have known us for years. This will help ease your dog of anxiety, if you are ok with things your dog will be too. We will take your dog or cat and get its weight. We assess your dog or cat to see if there are any coat issues, skin issues and your dog or cats temperament before taking it back to its room. Please have an idea of how you would like your dog or cat bathed, clipped or groomed. We go over every part of your dog or cat to ensure that everything is to your liking before you (the owner) leave. We then print the invoice, go over everything on the invoice, give owner a time to return and an estimated total at that time.