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Eye Issues

Eye Issues
If you’ve noticed something that is out of the ordinary with your dog or cat after seeing the pet groomer, by all means call the pet gromer IMMEDIATLY, as soon as you notice it. Here at Cute Cutes we WANT TO know if you are concerned about anything. The groomer can’t help if they don’t know what concerns you may have. 
Problems can arise during and after a visit to the groomer. However, ALL precautions have been made in advance to avoid typical concerns. Occasionally, the grooming process can expose hidden medical conditions or aggravate current ones. Especially if the dog or cat is not used to being handled or groomed regularly (everyday brushing, bathing, massaging paws, holding faces), is tangled, is a puppy, or is a senior dog or cat. These factors can make the dog/cat more at risk for stress and injury. Most common is blood shot eyes, this can occur when the dog/cat stresses out (brushing out tangles or using a dryer on the dog/cat and the pet is not used to the grooming experience). 
Getting your dog or cat used to being handled, hearing loud noises and staying calm are key to a successful and positive grooming experience with a lasting relationship between you, your dog/cat and the Groomer.
If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact us anytime.