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Why Cost so much?

Why Does It Cost So Much To Have My Pet Groomed?
This question is one that we are happy to answer here at Cut Cuts'. So many pet owners believe that grooming a dog is not a "job" because we "get to play with dogs all day". We do love your Pets as much as you do and we strive to make sure that we give individual attention to each of our friends. Pet Grooming is far from playing with dogs all day. 
Professional Pet Grooming Is A Highly Skilled profession! 
IF you are a pet owner that has experienced a bad grooming on your pet you will appreciate this sentiment. Not EVERYONE who calls themselves a groomer can do a good job. At Cute Cuts' we consider ourselves to be some of the best at this skill. 
Becoming a Professional Pet Groomer, or Stylist requires patience, an artistic eye, physical stamina, and a true love for the job. The Groomer must be patient in dealing with many types of personalities, have an artistic eye to balance out a haircut on a fidgity pet. Ensuring your pet leaves Cut Cuts' looking and feeling BEAUTIFUL every time. 
Being a Professional Pet Groomer requires stamina. Groomers are on their feet 8 to 12 hours a day. Throughout the course of that day they are required to lift several heavy dogs, bend over a tub many times per day, and also handle each dog for their haircut and styling. Occasionally, the job that can be dangerous when a pet is not used to being handled or bathed. Make no mistake about it, Professional Grooming IS A JOB and as a small local business there are bills to be paid to provide you with exceptional, personalized service each and every time we work with your pet.
Some of the expenses required as overhead to run the shop here at Cute Cuts are Rent, Electric, Water, Grooming Tools, Grooming Tool Maintenance, Organic/Natural Shampoos & Conditioners, Groomer Saleries, Health Insurance & Business Insurance. Just to name a few. We do our part to conserve to keep your cost low. 
More reasons "Why does it cost more to cut my pets hair than my own hair?".
Your personal STYLIST is shampooing and cutting only the hair on your head. We bath your pets WHOLE HEAD and BODY with high quality shampoos and conditioners twice. We may also spend extra time giving your pets special medicated baths to help your their individual skin conditions.
We will take the time to hand dry, power blast, blow dry and fluff your dogs coat to get the best hair cut possible.
We clip your dogs nails to the length you desire if the coat is in good shape. Offering you the option of 7 different lengths and 12 different varieties of high quality natural shampoos to choose from. 
We finish cut with hand scissoring your dogs coat into a cute cut if the coat is in good enough shape to do so.
We also clip and dremel your dogs nails and check their anal glands each visit.
We remove hair and clean your dogs ears if needed. 
We remove fleas and inform you if we find them. We do not remove ticks, SEE VET for that!
We are vigilent and trained to look for skin conditions, sores, lumps and bumps, rashes, crusty eyes or anything else that we feel may to be checked out by your Veterinarian. We will inform you of anything unusual; if it is found. 
We would ideally love to see every pet brushed and maintained daily. However, the reality is we do sometimes have to clip seriously matted petsinstead of brushing. These pets require Professional Grooming Skills in ordr to remove the coat SAFELY. Because of this, removing these coats also requires a lot more time than the average grooming. It is only fair that a groomer charge an extra fee for maticulously removing this kind of coat. A groomer could groom two to three well maintained coats in the time that it would take the groomer to remove the severely matted coat.
A common misconception is that if you visit your groomer once a year you will save money. Infact, the opposite is true.  Bringing your pet in every 2 to 4 weeks for baths and every 4 to 6 weeks for hair cuts. 
Bringing your pet in less often will likely cost more money in the long run.  Your pet, if not maintained and bathed regulary it can develop skin conditions and most likely medical bills caused from letting a dogs coat become severly matted. They can also be suffering discomfort when they walk from overgrown nails and matted hair at the center of their paws.  
Additionally, many pet owners may not have any idea how dangerous professional pet grooming can be for a groomer.
Your pets ARE the GREATEST.... with YOU. In their own environment they would probably NEVER hurt anyone. 
However, if your pet has never been to the groomer or is unsure of their environment they can become afraid or anxious. Unfortunately, occasionally there are dogs that are very agressive when it comes to grooming. Some are not groomed often enough to learn that being groomed is okay and that no one is meaning to harm them. But this learning takes frequent visits and time. 
Some dogs don't care how carefully you are trying to groom them.  They only have one thing on their mind....and that is generally fear.  Some dog owners out there think that the groomer must be doing something to the dog to make the dog scratch and/or bite the groomer. No Professional Groomer wakes up in the morning with the goal to be bitten by a dog/cat. Quite the opposite is true, especially considering as many dogs that are handled by that groomer in a day. 
Your pets normal behavior at home may not be the same when they are at the Groomer. Particulary, if they are not familiar with the environment. Your dog is a living thing that has a mind of its own. Something as simple as having the nails clipped, the ear hair removed, or a mat brushed out could trigger a dog to turn and bite. A dog can bite quickly and with the force to bite down to the bone in seconds. One well placed bite can end a professional pet groomers career.
To sum it up, your groomer does A LOT for the price of the grooming.
A bath (all over, not just the head, twice)
Power blasted, blow-dried and fluffed coat.
Ensure a brushed and mat free coat.
Ears cleaned and hair removed.
Nails clipped and filed.
A full body hair cut. (clipped or hand scissored)
If you were to ask your stylist for wash, clip, color, & style just your hair on your head this would cost well over $100.00 and the upkeep is every 2 weeks to 1 time per month at the very least. Pet grooming prices vary greatly but typically the larger your dog is, and the more hair that they have, and the shape the coat is in will determine the cost. The more work that your groomer needs to do on your dog, the more time is required, in turn the more it costs to groom. Having your dog groomed regularly helps keep the coat in good condition which helps keep your dogs grooming at an average cost to you. 
The average cost, depending where you live, for a small to medium size dog, given a basic haircut, can cost between 40 to 50 dollars.
Depending on how often you get your dog groomed (4, 6, 8 weeks), lets say every 4 weeks (28 days), would cost you anywhere from $1.35 to $1.70 a day.  I am sure that it is worth $2 a day to keep your dog clean, happy and healthy. :)
One last thing....
WE care very much about our furry clients and their parents. We got into grooming because we love dogs and want to make them feel and look better. For us here at Cute Cuts we all find the work very rewarding. Every day at the shop is a different day and all our clients have different personalities. We get to know our regulars and learn the best way to make them the happiest, most comfortable and send them home with tails wagging and smiles on their owners faces.
But, we still have families to take care of and bills to pay. Try to remember that professional groomers do a lot for your dog for that grooming price that you pay.
You are getting your moneys worth. :)
We like to joke about the following things but they DO happen. That is why we have included them here. We hope that you will laugh a little and understand that our only goal is to provide the best Groom possible at a competetive rate to our clients, while being fairly compensated for our efforts.
(meant as a joke, but these things do and can happen)
Top reasons why it costs more for your Dog or Cat to get groomed than for you to get your hair cut.
Your hairdresser does not wash or clean your rear end.
Your hairdresser does not express your rear end glands.
You brush your hair on a daily basis, especially before going to the hairdresser.
You wash your hair at least once every other day.
Your hairdresser does not trim your privates.
You sit still for your hairdresser.
Your haircut does not include a manicure.
Your haircut does not include a pedicure.
Your haircut does not include getting your ears cleaned or hair removed.
Your haircut does not include 2 full body baths and 2 full body rinses.
Your haircut does not include 4 full body massages.
Your hairdresser only cuts and washes the top of your head, not your whole body.
You do not bite your hairdresser.
You do not scratch your hairdresser.
You do not poop on your hairdresser.
You do not urinate on your hairdresser.
You get your hair done at least every other month.
Your hairdresser does not clean your eye boogies.
Your hairdresser does not give you a bow.
Your hairdresser does not give you cologne.
Your hairdresser does not do daycare.
Your hairdresser does not offer you a drink .
Your hairdresser does not offer you a snack.
Your hairdresser does not take you out to use the bathroom.
Your hairdresser does not give you your own room.
At Cute Cuts we provide top notch, individualized grooming services to your pets according to owner specifications.