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Very Happy!, 5/05/2015

We found Tina because she is close to home and we saw her sign from the street. We are extremely happy that we did. We have a dachshund and terrier mix, so we get him shaved short except for a few whiskers on his face. She did an excellent job. Our dog is a little skittish around new people, but he took to Tina pretty quick. I also really appreciated that she gives you a statement before the service, telling you exactly what will be done and what it will cost. She offers lot of extra services, and has all of the costs explained in a brochure. When talking to her, you can tell she really loves animals and that she will care for your pet as if it were her own. Her shop is clean and very welcoming, and she is warm and friendly, while being very professional and confident     -  luckystars56


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Richard Johnson
The service, the staff, and the cleanliness along with the attention to my pet has always been overwhelmingly superior in every detail in my experiences at cue cuts. Ever since the first time I was there for a simple nail trim for my girl florarose. And when I bought my boy Charlie Bear.
In short service and attention above and beyond to what I expected.
Thank you to all at Cute Cuts.
Danice Kidder Leal
Brought Lexi for her second trip today. She smelled like a flower after her bath and nail clipping and for as fearful as she is, she came out with her tail wagging. I will see them monthly because Lexi means the world to me.
Danice Leal
This was my second visit to Cute Cuts. I am very happy with the way they treat Lexi because she was a rescue and is very fearful and nervous. Her tail was wagging when she came out and smelled like a flower. I will be back monthly.
Carole Ann Collotty
My Mr. Rook, you are my handsome little guy. Thank you all at Cute Cuts for the great service that you give to us always! Soon your little sister, Ms. Lily May Collotty will be able to have her picture on here too! Thank you for giving her your time and patience. I'm so very grateful and appreciative for your help. *******You'll never be disappointed at Cute Cuts. They are so kind, caring and professional. My dogs, nor I, no longer have to spend hours waiting. If Cute Cuts tells you a time your dog will be finished.....you can bet their time is accurate. I have been going to Cute Cuts for about 5/6 months now on a weekly basis and I've never been disappointed. Mr. Rook looks his best ever, and one of the best things that I love is that they know how to do a perfectly rounded "poodle head", something no other groomer has done to my satisfaction.
Chloe Martinovich
Great groomers Chloe's is in n out fast. Very reasonable
Diane Bazarian
This groomer is the best I have had! I have used Petco, Petsmart and Pet Supermarket, all of which charged more than our recent visit to Cute Pets Grooming last week. I admit I have taken her there only one other time but it was only because of my attempt to do it myself! Well, needless to say, my little long haired chihuahua Zoey looked horrible.

I wanted one last good cut before our move out of state. Well, she looks amazing!! Even family members were surprised at how good she looked. They even believed that her personality changed as well. Silly but who knows. Anyway I have already given the information to a couple of people that asked but you need to give them a try. They offer so many specials, discounts, etc that I know there will be something that works with your current situation.

One last nice thing to mention about this groomer is that they are small. It's quite, they work from appointments and each time I have dropped off my dog she was done earlier than expected. You must take your furry friend to Cute Cuts Grooming.

Be sure to talk to Tina Castle, owner and groomer. She is very sweet. Jasmine (Natalie was in the Yelp review) was the groomer that worked on Zoey this time. She really did an amazing job
Connie Walters
Missy always comes home looking great. She is finished in a timely manner instead of five hours which is how long others have taken plus the grooming was not five hours good. Cute Pets is #1
Roger Netherton
My Noshi all trimmed up and looking cute thanks to the nice people at Cute Cuts Pet Grooming
Sue Williams
Cute Cuts is the best! Tina has been clipping my dog, Sangha, for several years now. Sangha is an older dog who is not very friendly. Tina takes her time and is very gentle with him. I highly recommend Cute Cuts!
Carole Collotty
Tina, you and your staff are always friendly, polite, courteous, and reassuring. My Mr. Rook always looks beautiful! I love your prices/discounts became I bring him in every week. Thank you for taking extra time for me and my "Diva". I am so appreciative of your help with her. You are the only groomer I've ever had so willing and kind to help with the Diva issue. I can't thank you enough. And you're the only groomer who knows how a poodle's head should look like. Thank you for taking care of my babies! I will continue to bring them in every week to keep them looking their best. If everyone would come in weekly they would find out that your professionalism along with your discounts are well worth it. I would recommend you to all! you are a gold star groomer!
Lisa Breeden
Jasmine is such a gentle soul as she does very well with Blondee (shih tzu) who is very apprehensive when it comes to being groomed. They always do such a nice job with getting her cleaned up and comfortable!
Tara Van Haeren
Thank you for doing such a great job on his nails
Cindy Rae
You girls arre amazing!!!
Meliss Paugel
It was nice to see you again to. And Mafia smells, looks, and feels sooooo great. He is a lot more happier now of course. Thanks for taking care of him. We will see you again next time for sure
Alyssa Smith
As a cat owner, I never really thought I would need grooming services for my fur-baby, but as he got older and fluffier, things started to.....accumulate after potty breaks, and no matter how cute your pet is, there's nothing cute about booty-scooting across the carpet. Enter Tina, Jasmine & Stephanie of Cute Cuts. They introduced my part-Maine Coon and I to the "Sani Cut," and life has been harmonious and boot-scoot free ever since.
While I can tell you that their professionalism and grooming skills are superb, it's the friendliness and genuine care and attention they give the animals that keeps me coming back. From booking an appointment over the phone to drop-off and pick-up, it's a pleasure to work with all the staff. I really appreciate that they don't overlap appointments, and they call as soon as they are finished, so your fur-baby doesn't spend any extra time locked away in an unfamiliar crate for hours, as many other large chain companies practice. I also notice that my boy is always more calm and relaxed at pick-up than he is at drop-off (he hates car rides) and seems completely at peace in Jasmine or Stephanie's arms as they bring him out to me. I trust that he is well-cared for during his session, and I highly recommend this establishment to all pet parents.
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